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Enjoy a glass of wine
Rate your wine on WineTrax earn a WineCharm for each rating
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Free wine ratings anytime plus everytime you rate a wine at WineTrax you come one step closer to earning a reward. Reach the next level get a new reward, it is that simple!

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Let's face it, wine ratings stink!
They are expensive to get, you need to subscribe to a bunch of services and they are often dumb and pointless as its ONE PERSON's opinion! Robert Parker likes cassis liqueur. Do you? Why let him tell you what to drink when you are your own best judge? Why pay him when you can get rewarded? WineTrax's wants to break up the so-called critics monopoly and let you Trax your own wine ratings.

That's WineTrax. A simple and free way for you to rate your wines and search ratings from around the globe. You 'Trax' your wines and become the expert!

Join a community that rewards you. EARN POINTS for each wine you Trax. 'Cash' in your points (what we call WineCharms) for great decanted rewards! Become a member of the grape proletariat today and get free wine ratings today!




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